Big Tex Urban Farms is a sea of raised garden beds that will produce fresh, organic produce in the heart of Fair Park. It serves as an outdoor learning space while providing fresh, organic produce to food banks and community organizations in Fair Park neighborhoods.

One of the unique elements of the Big Texas Urban Farm is its mobility factor.  In the Fair's off-season, the farm resides on the footprint of the Gateway Pavilion tent near Cotton Bowl Stadium and the Coliseum.  When setup for the State Fair begins, the farm is moved to a remote location to allow growth to continue.  How do you move a farm, you ask?  With the help of Fair Park-area company General Packaging Corporation, the raised garden beds were developed so they are easily moved by forklift.

Big Texas Urban Farm created a new indoor space in 2017.  It was such a success that they are now converting their entire greenhouse into a production facility that is anticipated to be completed in July.

Composting, community involvement, educational opportunities and sharing the harvest are all goals of Big Tex Urban Farm.


GETTING THERE:  See the map and directions below.  The farm is located next to the State Fair Administration Building (#1).


After the tour, there is an option to group for happy hour at Craft and Growler, 3601 Parry Avenue, Dallas, TX, just outside Fair Park.