As Architects, presentation skills are a necessary tool to communicate our ideas and messages.  Becoming a skillful presenter will raise your profile and enhance your personal brand.  Every year, WIA hosts “You’ve Got 5 Minutes” which provides a platform for women to present their work, celebrate their achievements and inspire other women in the design community to find their voice and express themselves. In preparation for this event, please join us for a workshop with Sarah Wicker on presentation tips and tricks to showing your best self. 

Sarah is a Principal and Global Director of Research at Arcadis (formerly CallisonRTKL). She is responsible for overseeing the firm’s human-centric research programs and championing research projects throughout the design practice. She specializes in trend forecasting, future state workshops, research design, and application. With over 20 years of experience, Sarah has worked with global clients to deliver meaningful knowledge and insights that positively impact projects and communities. Sarah has a Bachelors in Journalism from Oklahoma State University and is in the midst of finishing her Masters in Psychology from Harvard University.



WiA (Women in Architecture) brings AIA Dallas women together for friendship, networking, and collaboration while empowering members to impact their practice, profession, and community.