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Poonam Patel

25 Highland Park Village
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The Urban Loop Studio believes that your environment is everything.  As designers, we have the ability to shape the built environment, so why not make it a great one?  

Our lead designer, Poonam Patel, is the owner and founder as well as a TEDx speaker and firewalker. 

She has a comprehensive perspective to the design process with her multicultural Asian Indian background coupled with Western Values.  Merging the two, East and West Ideals, has allowed her to generate the most unique and balanced designs.  She also brings the female perspective into the design when it comes to the tedious level of detail required when it comes to details which are often times over looked and a pain spot for most clients.

Obtaining her Bachelors and Masters Degree in Architecture has allowed her to exercise her design strength and tap into her creative potential, AND while working at reputable architecture firms for 15 years, has equipped her with the technical know how to create the perfect balence of design and tequnical skill most clients dream their designers would have.  

She has worked for many prominent firms since 2004 including Epstein and Sons International, GFF, Mancini Duffy, SOM, HBG, Lauckgroup  and Domiteaux Baggett.  Throughout her experiences at these firms, she has had the ability to learn interior design and working in Revit ( a 3D floor plan / BIM software program) making her an effective one-stop shop for your design needs.  This combination of skill sets not only allow her clients to see their design in 3D before it is built but creates a comprehensive design package that makes it easy to say "yes" to.     

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BIM, Building Permit/ Plan Review, Design, Site Analysis/ Site Evaluating and Planning, Space Planning

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"show the world the better version of yourself through design"

"show the world the better version of yourself through design" Poonam

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"show the world the better version of yourself through design"