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Job Post Date: November 28, 2017

Senior Project Manager

Provides the primary point of contact between our team and our client on a specific project. Responsibilities include the contractual coordination of architectural / engineering disciplines (both internal and external), adherence to project schedules / budgets, coordination of milestone submission of documents throughout the project, and reporting of project status to senior management.


Pre Project Responsibilities
- Working with other managers, prepare and/or assist in the proposal writing of a given project.
- Working with other managers, develop and determine fees for a given project.
- Attend RFP/Bid walk thru meetings.

Project Responsibilities
- Provide the main point of contact between our team and the client.
- Provide the main point of contact between our team and design subcontractors.
- Administer/ process contractual documents for both clients and subcontractors.
- Chair design coordination meetings as deemed necessary to maintain adequate project control (this is not in lieu of discipline internal coordination meetings).
- Assure notes of conference meeting minutes are developed for all project meetings.
- Develop coordination guidelines and/or needs lists.
- Confirm that ID QA/QC policy is adhered to by disciplines based on design milestones.
- Working with discipline managers, develop client design fee change orders.
- Review project costs and generate billings to client.
- Provide the main point of contact between our team and the contractor during construction administration services (i.e. RFIs, shop drawings, testing reports, etc.).
- Schedule construction observation visits & Cx support.
- Chair and/or represent Integrated Design Group at construction meetings.
- At completion of project, coordinate review of close-out documents for the project and ID sign-off by Architect of Record / Engineer of Record.

Special Project Management Responsibilities
- Assist in developing Company Guidelines and other project management tools.
- Assist in proposal writing as required


-Minimum 5 years’ experience as an architect or engineer
-Ability to understand technically complex projects


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