Session III: Selling High Performance to Clients and Running an Eco-Charrette

August 24, 2015

During the 2014 AIA+2030 Dallas Series, participants reported a lack of tools and resources for selling strategies and providing RIO’s as their number one obstacle in achieving high performance buildings.  During this session, participants will learn the following:

  • How to persuade clients to have a conversation about high performance
  • Skills in running an Eco-Charrette as a means to incorporate the entire design team and a way to list feasible strategies for further investigation
  • How to set passive, active, and renewable energy reduction goals
  • Software for providing clients with an early RIO
  • How to present findings to clients for buy-in and implementation

Training will be followed by an application exercise where teams will analyze a project and provide their strategies and cost analysis to the class and trainers for peer-review.   

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