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Leadership Program Testimonials

Emerging Leaders Program 

"As a minority aspiring architect, I tended to look at the profession and its make up from a singular perspective; as an African American designer — one, in a sea of others. Knowing I would more often than not be the only one in the room could be intimidating at times, but this class helped me to understand that I am not alone... read more here"

               - Brien Graham, Assoc. AIA 2017 Emerging Leaders Program Graduate


"I am passionate about the practice of architecture. I love what I do and I love the people I practice with... Every day I strive to learn something new and to become a better professional. Participating in the AIA Emerging Leaders Program this past year has allowed me to keep learning and has been an amazing experience. It has enhanced my appreciation for the practice of our craft. Examples of how can be summed up in three words: read more here."

                - Morgan Harrison, AIA  2017 Emerging Leaders Program Graduate


“I was part of the inaugural class of ELP.  The exposure into chapter activities, the relationships with other professionals, opportunities for conversation with leaders in our community, and the leadership training under Pete DeLisle has better prepared me for leadership positions in my company and in the chapter.”

                - Vandana Nayak, AIA  2009 Emerging Leaders Program Graduate


“Prior to being a part of the Emerging Leaders Program, I spent a great deal of time and frustration trying to understand the pieces of leadership and management and make them all fit together in a productive way.  Pete DeLisle’s discussions and concepts quickly gave clear direction and understanding to what it means to be an effective leader and his ongoing willingness to be a resource I can reach out to for clarification is immeasurable.  Additionally, developing a peer group of colleagues across AIA Dallas that have experienced and struggled with many of the same ideas and applications has been refreshing and rewarding on many levels.”

                - Charles E. Brant, AIA  2010 Emerging Leaders Program Graduate


“Through participating in the Emerging Leaders Program, I am better equipped to lead teams of diverse individuals, making the most of each person’s strengths, communication styles and talents to develop quality solutions to complex problems. The emphasis on enriching interpersonal relationships to foster trust, respect and empowerment was underscored throughout the program.”

                - Jason Mellard, AIA  2011 Emerging Leaders Program Graduate


“The Emerging Leadership Program has inspired me on a daily basis and helped bring out leadership qualities and skills that I didn’t even know I had.  Early on, I learned how to recognize different personalities and how to quickly adjust my approach to become a more effective communicator.”

                - Ashlee Paar, AIA  2011 Emerging Leaders Program Graduate


“My thinking and actions on leadership have been completely transformed by Pete DeLisle and the AIA Dallas Emerging Leaders Program.  I’m extremely grateful for the year I was allowed to listen and work with Pete through the program.  His principles on leadership impact me on a daily basis and people at our company have noticed the change in me.  It has hands down help to advance my career.  A two minute conversation with Pete can transform your thinking on leadership in an incredible way!”

                - Meloni McDaniel, Associate AIA  2010 Emerging Leaders Program Graduate


“The AIA Emerging Leadership Program was instrumental in my professional development.  With the help of Pete DeLisle’s instruction and numerous volunteer guest speakers, this program raised my awareness of leadership opportunities in the community and helped me analyze my personal leadership qualities so that I can maximize them to their fullest potential.” 

                - Stephen Elwood, AIA  2010 Emerging Leaders Program Graduate


Advanced Leadership Program 

"This program offered the opportunity to validate and strengthen professional skills and judgments with colleagues in the AEC industry facing similar challenges in a respectful, collaborative, and knowledge rich environment. Given the competitive nature of our field there was much common ground to share and offer one another. A study of fundamental human character and real-world scenarios that helped to validate that we have a great deal to offer one another as a group of professionals without violating professional integrity."

                - Kent Leach, AIA  2012 Advanced Leadership Program


“The only known education program of its kind that addresses ‘soft skills’ for the design industry, and a great primer for mid- to upper-level managers and executives.  The program covers personal introspection, skill levels, work style traits and habits, personality types, and the various interpersonal working relationships that occur in the design workplace. Pete deftly employs frank discussions, group participation, real world examples, and some humor to make it all interesting and keep participants engaged. The information is very enlightening and can be immediately applied to every-day use.”

                - David Combs, Assoc. AIA  2012 Advanced Leadership Program