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Architecture Week celebrates the profession of architecture and invites everyone—especially K-12 students—to explore architecture and design.  See how you can join the fun and find activities near you!


Calling all K-12 Advocates!

It’s never too early to start thinking like an architect! Architecture Week 2024 is a nationwide celebration recognizing the power of good design, with a goal of inspiring hopeful architecture and design professionals and K-12 students.

Get involved in Architecture Week 2024 by sharing our posts, contributing to a wish list, inviting students to your firm, sending a letter to your local schools or libraries, or actively engaging with students throughout the week. Stay tuned for more details via email and on social!

More ways to get involved:


Explore and discover K-12 design and architecture resources nationwide.

Across the United States, K-12 students have access to a wide range of design and architecture resources, including online platforms, workshops, camps, educational programs, design competitions, internships, and scholarship opportunities. Add your programs to a nationwide resource map that showcases opportunities to explore and engage with design and architecture concepts nationwide.

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