ARE Success Teams

Success Teams from AIA Dallas is an accelerated study program designed to support ARE candidates with materials, mentorship, and camaraderie. Through recurring study sessions, participants gather to review study materials, exchange study tips and exam experiences, and occasionally compete in friendly ARE trivia games or attend ARE lectures.

Are you eligible to take the ARE? Would you benefit from support in a structured and focused environment? Apply today to be a part of the 2024 program. Or, contact us to learn more about Success Teams. Refer to our FAQ below for additional information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each participant in the program will commit to taking either one or both tracks of the program in approximately a 6-month period (for a single track) or a 12-month period (for both tracks); and will pass the ARE and one step closer to becoming a licensed architect. Everyone in the program is expected to continue to offer support to their fellow teammates until every member of the group passes all of his or her divisions.

Associates with an active NCARB record who are eligible to test are welcome. Participants are required to show proof of ARE Eligibility from NCARB. AIA Dallas and Northeast Texas members will have priority to enroll.

Many ARE candidates have difficulties passing the exams. This program offers an opportunity for candidates to find support, share successes (and failures), and get questions answered. The Success Team program is structured to encourage ARE candidates so they can stay on track & not delay testing/studying. The program provides access to study materials and mentors.

Complete the online application before June 28th, close of business. Your enrollment is NOT confirmed until the application has been reviewed and evaluated. If accepted, you will be invoiced for the program fee, which will be due prior to first session, and is non-refundable.

$150 for AIA Dallas and AIA Northeast Texas members | $220 for non-members Participants may enroll in one track at a time.

Each team will be comprised of 4-15 members; the number of teams will be decided by the Success Teams mentors.

In the application, participants will sign an agreement committing to taking the exams in the same order and on the same schedule as the other group members throughout the course of their track. They will also agree to meet weekly to share tips, exchange information, offer support, and commiserate with understanding colleagues.

As a team member, you will commit to participating with professionalism and enthusiasm, working with other members to develop a realistic schedule for taking each section of the exam, attending all meetings scheduled by the group, and continuing to support group members until every member has passed all of his or her exams.

This is totally up to you. Perhaps the program is exactly what you need to motivate and pass those last 1, 2, or 3 tests. However, you will be expected to follow the schedule with the rest of the participants. Participants who have already passed some exams will act as a mentor/tutor to the people in their group who still need to pass.

We encourage the whole team to register for each exam within the same week – a recommended calendar will be distributed at the kickoff session of each track. Exams can be scheduled up to 6 months out; we encourage teams to register as early on as possible to ensure the team can move forward together.

Most candidates fail at some point during the process. If this happens, we highly recommend that our Success Team members move on to the next exam with the other members of the group. Staying on schedule with your team will give you the motivation and camaraderie to not completely fall off the wagon. In short: STAY ON TRACK WITH YOUR STUDY GROUP!

What if I want to retake an exam? Stopping your program and group attendance to retake an exam will NOT be allowed. You must stick with your group for the remainder of your track. You can always retake the failed exam at the end of your track. I have a very full schedule.

You have committed to a team of people that you are not going to fall behind. We have some strategies for your consideration. Once you have joined a success team, we will send a letter to your Principal and Project Manager/Direct Manager letting them know about your commitment. We recommend that you let everyone know you are on a fast-paced track to tackle the ARE. You should give your colleagues a schedule/study plan, indicating the days you will be at study groups, lectures, and taking exams.

In addition to the letter from AIA Dallas, we strongly recommend that you personally let your Principal/Project Manager know that you are taking the exams and about your commitment to your fellow Success Team members.

AIA Dallas will provide teams with meeting space, access to some study materials, and administrative support. The ARE Lecture Series is also part of the available resources provided by AIA Dallas and is free to Success Teams participants. Previously, Success Teams members also share a wide range of study materials and tips amongst themselves beyond what’s offered by AIA Dallas. The ARE Success Team aims to provide candidates with the tools and support they need to make passing the ARE manageable.