Senior Architectural Designer

Position Responsibilities: 
TEAM LEADERSHIP:  Inspire and mentor staff to cultivate an innovative and collaborative design culture aligned with HBG Design’s vision and design philosophy.  Actively support and guide project employees through their career path at the firm.  Provide day-to-day guidance and coaching to design staff in performing their duties.  Promote collaboration and teamwork throughout the design team. Ensure communications are frequent and clear and that any conflicts are resolved in a timely manner.   Establish and adjust the project design team as necessary throughout the project, based on changes in the design scope or schedule, other project deadlines, or designer performance.  Regularly evaluate designers’ performance, participate in performance reviews, and share assessments with the Dallas Office Leader, Project Managers, and other Senior Interior Design and Architecture staff. 

PRACTICE LEADERSHIP:  Develop and demonstrate expertise in the hospitality market sector, including knowledge of design trends in the market.  Lead the overall design intent and execution of projects from design kickoff to Construction Administration, ensuring design continuity throughout the project’s life.  Promote design excellence for each project and evaluate and establish the level or potential for design quality in relation to client expectations and internal goals.  Ensure design is compatible with the building program, market studies, and client’s goals and requirements.  Monitor and review the work of the design team (including consultants) in executing the design and ensure that all results meet the established design goals for the project.   Provide input to the Project Manager on design deliverables and major benchmarks for owner design approvals to ensure project schedules stay on track with design schedules.  Ensure that a design process is established and followed on projects.   Coordinate the work of consultants related to design issues in collaboration with the Project Manager.  Provide design quality control reviews at appropriate times during the design process.  This includes a thorough coordination review of BIM model, construction documents and supporting documents such as specifications and consultant documents.   



  • Licensed Architect with 15 years practical experience with a focus on and passion for design. 
  • Ability to effectively manage and lead a team in the design of a project, and mentor other designers. 
  • Thorough understanding of the design, project development, and production processes and ability to design complex projects based on program requirements. 
  • Advanced experience with client interface and presentation throughout the project phases. 
  • Demonstrated advanced knowledge of construction methods and costs related to design. 
  • Excellent verbal and graphic presentation skills and advanced interpersonal skills. 
  • Advanced graphic and artistic ability and/or computer/technology capability in design. 

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