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The AIA Dallas Architecture Registration Exam (ARE) Prep Program is designed to help architect interns become licensed architects in one calendar year. Through the ARE Lecture Series, Success Teams, and the Thaddeus Structures Seminar, we seek to provide resources, information, and supplementary education. The program sponsors a 9-month ARE Lecture Series, a 10-month Success Teams Program featuring the Black Spectacles platform to help prepare ARE candidates to pass their exams.

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Registration for the ARE Exam Prep Program is open!  You may join the program at any time to start participating in all the review sessions and study groups. The program will prepare you to take the ARE 4.0 at periodic intervals and provide transition to ARE 5.0 so that only 5 exams are required.  We encourage you to take the exams at the recommended timeframes as the program will focus on studying as a group and finishing as a group. However, some people may not want to take the exams this year, but still want to participate in the program for their own individual goals. 

ARE Guide Library:
Interested in renting ARE study materials? Renting a subject set costs $15.00 for Assoc. AIA Members, or $30.00 for non-members, for an 2 week period of use. Call (214) 742-3242 to reserve your copy.


Path to Licensure [PDF 215.96 KB]
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