Architecture and Design Foundation

Through our programs at AD EX and throughout the region, the Architecture and Design Foundation works to encourage the conversation about the ways in which architecture and design affect us on a daily basis. We foster the public’s understanding of the power of architecture to enrich our cities and make them better places to live through walking tours, programs, exhibitions, and activities created especially for young people and students. Come join the conversation!

Architecture and Design Exchange (AD EX)
325 N. St. Paul Street, Suite 150
Dallas, TX 75201

Architecture and Design Foundation Leadership

David Schmidt P.E.

David Schmidt, P.E.

Schmidt & Stacy Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Clemente Jaquez AIA

Clemente Jaquez, AIA

Modus Architecture

Mattia Flabiano AIA

Immediate Past President
Mattia Flabiano, AIA


John Alvarado

John Alvarado

Jessica Stewart Lendvay AIA

Jessica Stewart Lendvay, AIA

Jessica Stewart Lendvay Architects

Al Hernandez AIA

Al Hernandez, AIA


Ben Crawford AIA

Ben Crawford, AIA

HOK - Dallas

David Preziosi FAICP

David Preziosi, FAICP

Texas Historical Foundation

Diane Collier AIA

Diane Collier, AIA

Diane Collier Group, LLC

Ellen Mitchell AIA

Ellen Mitchell, AIA

LPA Inc.

John Strasius AIA

John Strasius, AIA


Jonathan Brower P.E.

Jonathan Brower, P.E.

L.A. Fuess Partners, Inc.

Kaitlyn Howell Ledford

Kaitlyn Howell Ledford

Hilltop Holdings

Kate Aoki AIA

Kate Aoki, AIA

Dallas Museum of Art

Lisa Casey ASLA

Lisa Casey, ASLA

Studio Outside

Michael Grace MRCP

Michael Grace, MRCP

Nancy Villa

Norm Alston FAIA

Norm Alston, FAIA

Norman Alston Architects

Peter Darby AIA

Peter Darby, AIA

Urban Darby Architecture

Ali Seemee Ph.D

Ali Seemee, Ph.D

The Dallas Institute for Humanities and Culture

Zaida Basora FAIA

Executive Director
Zaida Basora, FAIA

AIA Dallas Chapter

Katie Hitt Assoc. AIA

Managing Director
Katie Hitt, Assoc. AIA

Architecture and Design Exchange